Penny is the first Chihuahua I ever liked.  You know how Chihuahuas can be...barking and snarling at strangers, always yipping at the slightest noises, shivering with fear or anxiety or excitement, and not very likely to warm up to anyone other than his or her favorite people. At least that's how my Aunt Minnie's Chihuahuas were, and that is why I never thought I'd own a Chihuahua.
THEN I MET PENNY,  and she changed my mind.  That adorable beige and cream  bundle of pure joy was about to change my life, too. When my friend Jody brought six-month-old Penny to meet me, I didn't know what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect to fall in love with a Chihuahua, no matter who owned her. 

The Life and Times of Penny and her Pups

Photo by Jody - All rights reserved
As soon as Penny got here, she came right to me.  Within a few minutes she figured out how to put her paws on my footrest so I could reach her to pick her up.  She loves to lick and is quite accomplished at nipping and licking lips, so I had to watch those little canine teeth.  It didn't take her long to learn that nipping my lips was not something I wanted her to do.  She quickly learned to move out of the way of my wheels and to climb on my footrest so I could pick her up, too.
Jody and Penny were here for about a day and a half, and in all that time, I only heard Penny bark once...when she heard a loud noise outside.  WHO ever heard of a Chihuahua that doesn't bark at everything and everyone?  Well, I was amazed.   Before Jody and Penny left to go home, I told Jody that if she decided to breed Penny, I had to have one of her pups.  WHAT? Me wanting a Chihuahua? Even I was shocked at that!
About About six months later Jody called to tell me she had found the perfect mate for Penny...a cute little black Chihuahua that weighed about five pounds.  Penny is a big girl...about eight pounds, and Jody hoped that Penny's litter would have at least one puppy that was small like the daddy.  The daddy was also known to make 'blues'... fairly rare gray pups with tan or tan and white markings.

Four weeks after Penny's 'honeymoon' with the cute little stud, Jody still didn't know if Penny was expecting.  Even the pregnancy test the vet ran came up  negative, but the vet's techs were sure there were puppies anyhow.  Sure enough, a week or so later the vet  checked  Penny's tummy and said he felt at least a few little lumps in there.  Penny was pregnant!  Dogs only take nine weeks to create their litters, and by six weeks or so, Penny had a cute round belly.  Jody decided to have her x-rayed to find out how many pups were there, and the count was five!  Jody was beside herself with joy.  She kept me updated daily throughout Penny's pregnancy, and finally the call came...Penny was in labor and should have her puppies within a few hours, exactly on time - August 12, 2006.
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Photo by Jody - All rights reserved
Penny twelve days before her pups were born.
Penny at one year old

This being her first litter, Penny wasn't quite sure what to do.  She licked and licked the new puppy until finally Jody put the pup to Penny's teat.  That was all it took.  Within a short time, three more puppies were born, cleaned up, and having their first meal.  Jody became the camera-happy grandma of four beautiful little puppies.ex
Jody got her wish regarding the size of the pups.  There were two little ones and two slightly larger ones.  One of the little ones is a female, rare blue with tan on her cheeks and tan and white on her chest, and legs.  Jody named her Nicklette.  The other little one is a cute little male,  tan with a line of  'pepper' down his spine.  He has a unique black mask on his tan face that forms a cross, with half circles of black under the eyes.  The vertical line of the mask joins a cap of blue on her head and then becomes a blue shimmer line along his spine.  Neither Jody nor I has ever seen a dog like him.   Jody named him Buck. The other, slightly larger male is also a 'blue' with cream and white on his face, legs and chest.  Jody called him Blue. 
And last but not least, there's the cutest little black pup I've ever seen .  She has a white chin, a white blaze on her chest, one white stocking and white toes on the other three feet.  Jody chose Jett for her name because she thought of  Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.
Photo by Jody - All rights reserved
Photo by Jody - All rights reserved
I live in an RV nowadays, and I use an electric wheelchair, so you can imagine it's fairly difficult turning my chair around and moving about the place.  Before Jody and Penny arrived, I was worried... What if I ran over the little dog?  What if she was a snippy brat like Aunt Minnie's dog, Brownie?  My worries were in vain.
Most of the time dogs seem to like their privacy when whelping a litter.  Not Penny!  When her labor started, she rushed into the living to find Jody, who was snoozing in her recliner.  Penny wouldn't leave Jody alone until Jody followed her into the bedroom where her birthing suite was set up.  All during the night, Penny kept jumping up at the side of the daybed where Jody was attempting to sleep, as if to say, "Wake up granny, the kids are coming!"  Finally in the early hours of the morning, Jody awoke from a brief nap to the sight of Penny cleaning her first puppy.  Actually it was the second puppy born, but the first was stillborn.  Penny just bit off the umbilical cord and left the poor dead puppy aside to deliver the next one.  (Later the vet told Jody that the first pup had been lodged in the birth canal when the X-ray was taken and probably suffocated a day or two before delivery.  Jody had tried to revive the little pup to no avail...sad at the loss, Jody gave up her efforts at saving the pup and concentrated on the rest of the litter.) lick here to add text.
Bucky, Nicklette, Jett, and Blue
Photo by Jody - All rights reserved
Photo by Jody - All rights reserved
Jett in Jody's Hand
Photo by Jody - All rights reserved
Nicolette and Blue
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Don't you dare tell me how absolutely silly we are over these adorable pups.  I never thought I'd want a dog, especially not a Chihuahua, but now I can baby-talk my new puppy almost as well as Jody has baby-talked the whole litter.  Part of their charm and personality is hereditary, but I believe that Jody has done an exceptional job of making them sweet and loving. 

Now that you've read the beginning of  the story of Penny and her pups, flip through the pages and enjoy all the great stories and pictures.  Jody took  a bunch  of them during the puppies'  first  eight weeks.  As more pictures of them are taken by Jody as well as the new owners of Penny's pups, I'll be adding more pages to this site.  A year or so from now, I may be presenting Jett's pups!  Just one litter though.  Like Jody feels one is enough for Penny, I am sure I will feel the same way with Jett.  Really, though, I wish we could breed Penny and Jett hundreds of times as I know their progeny would change a lot of people's thinking when it comes to Chihuahuas.
How Penny Taught Me to Love Chihuahuas
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Spook, the proud daddy
of Penny's Litter
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